Water Heaters

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Water Heaters

The supply with hot water is very important for modern household. Right choice of equipment will last its exploitation period and help to avoid unnecessary payments for a repair.

Electric Water Heaters

  1. In all types of water heaters, a high-quality glass-ceramic coating is used to protect the inner surface of the tank from corrosion.
  2. Water heaters are equipped with a moisture-proof switch and a safe electrical part.
  3. Magnesium anode is built-in the construction to prevent scale formation.
  4. Water heaters are equipped with a steel flange providing free access to the magnesium anode and tubular electric heater.
  5. Water heaters use highly efficient thermal insulation of high density polyurethane foam. This ensures minimum energy loss and economical operation of the device.
  6. Water heaters of type GCVS have a built-in heat exchanger for connecting it to a heat supply source (heat exchanger capacity is 14.4 kW).
  7. Maximum working pressure - 8 bar.



ModelVolume, literRated Power, kWSizes height/width/depth, mmWeight, kg
Water heaters for under/above the sink installment
GCA 10-15101,5430/380/2607,1
GCA 15-15151,5430/380/3209,7
GCU 10-15101,5430/380/2607,1
GCU 15-15151,5430/380/3209,7
Vertical water heaters
GCV 30-36-12301,2580/400/41017,2
GCV 50-36-20 502850/400/41021,7
GCV 60-36-20 602980/400/41024,9
GCV 80-36-20 8021180/400/41029,8
GCV 50-45-20 502620/480/49020
GCV 60-45-20 602720/480/49024,7
GCV 80-45-20 802860/480/49027,8
GCV 100-45-201002990/480/49030,1
GCV 120-45-2012021140/480/49034,8
GCV 150-45-2015021360/480/49040,8
Horizontal water heaters
GCH 80-45-20802480/830/49027,8
GCH 100-45-201002480/990/49030,1
Vertical water heaters with heat-exchanger
GCVS 100-45-201002990/480/49040,2
GCVS 120-45-2012021140/480/49045
GCVS 150-45-2015021360/480/49051



  • Thermostat: adjustable thermostat with indication of 3 temperature conditions: Anti-freezing, Summer mode, Winter mode.
  • High-density insulation: High-performance thermal insulation with directly-extruded polyurethane of high density, ensuring minimal heat loss and cost-effective operation of the device.
  • Glass ceramic coating: TESY boilers are manufactured using modern technology to apply a glass-ceramic coating inside a tank. Glass-ceramic coating provides reliable high water hygiene and protection against corrosion.
  • Magnesium anode protector: Large anode protector with 3-year exploitation period and with the possibility of dismantling and subsequent replacement.


Technical Description 

ModelRated Voltage [V/Hz]Rated Pressure [MPa]Isolation [mm]Heating time from 15°C to 55°C [min]Electrical switch, Thermostat, Safety valve and Magnesium anode
Water heaters for above sink installment
GCA 10152300,81817yes
GCA 15152300,81827yes
Water heaters for under sink installment
GCU 10152300,81817yes
GCU 15152300,81827yes
Vertical water heaters
GCV 30-36-12 (TSR)2300,81889yes
GCV 50-36-15 (TSR)2300,81892yes
GCV 50-36-20 (TSR)2300,81887yes
GCV 50-45-20 (TSR)2300,81887yes
GCV 60-36-20 (TSR)2300,818105yes
GCV 60-45-20 (TSR)2300,818105yes
GCV 80-36-20 (TSR)2300,818140yes
GCV 80-45-20 (TSR)2300,818140yes
GCV 100-45-20 (TSR)2300,818140yes
GCV 120-45-20 (TSR)2300,818140yes
GCV 150-45-20 (TSR)2300,818140yes
Horizontal water heaters
GCH 80-45-202300,818140yes
GCH 100-45-202300,818152yes
Vertical water heaters with heat-exchanger
GCVS 100-45-202300,818152yes
GCVS 120-45-202300,818152yes
GCVS 150-45-202300,818152yes


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