Design and Construction

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Design and Construction

Description of the design of MBR. Basic elements and installation process.

The room of a modular boiler room is a structure of one or several blocks, each 2.4 m wide, 3 m high and 12 m long. The power structure of each module is made of metal pipes of rectangular section, which provides the necessary rigidity for lifting and transport operations without dismantling installed inside the equipment.

MBR installationConstruction of MBR

The flooring of the base is made of metal sheet 4 mm thick with notches, with insulation 50 mm thick, on the base of a basalt fiber plate. Fencing structures (walls and roof) are made of ready three-layer “sandwich panels” with a thickness of 100 mm, with a permissible distributed load of at least 310 kg / m2 and an actual limit of resistance to 90 minutes.

Compelete MBR at the designated areaIndustrial Boilers inside MBR

Mineral wool, belonging to the group of non-combustible materials, is used as insulation. The plates are made of profiled galvanized metal sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm using a powder coating method on the outside.


A pair of “sandwich panels” is provided with hermetic locks. The premises have all the necessary technological, door and window openings. All units are equipped with attachment points for the production of lifting and transport operations in the process of delivery of the boiler room to the installation site.

USKO MBRFully operational MBR

BMK is manufactured at the factory of Buran Boiler, where during the production each CRONOS BMC passes all the necessary stages and types of technical and operational control, including tests for tightness of pipelines.

Heat-exchangers inside the MBRIndustrial pumps inside MBR

Complete with BMK, at the discretion of the Customer, can be supplied: chimneys and gas ducts, fuel tanks of various volumes, and other accessories necessary for the operation of the boiler room.

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