External Installation Boiler

External Installation Boiler

The external installation boiler (EIB) is intended for heat supply of residential, public, industrial buildings and structures. Operation of EIB is possible at ambient temperatures from -40 ° С to + 45 ° С. Fuel - natural gas.

External Installation Boiler consists of one unit of full factory readiness and allows multiple assembly and disassembly, which allows it to be used at various sites for a long time.

EIB is equipped with all necessary basic equipment. EIB does not require permanent duty personnel. All basic processes are automated, with the exception of the initial start-up; replenishment of reagents for the automatic station sodium-cationation, performing control functions.

Periodic maintenance of the EIB is provided by staff who have access to such work and have been trained and certified in accordance with the standard “Rules for ensuring industrial safety when operating equipment under pressure” (approved on 12/30/2014, order No. 358) and “Safety rules in gas industry ". The boiler water supply is provided from the existing drinking-water pipeline with a water pressure of at least 2 bar. Water quality must meet the requirements of GOST 2874-82 "Drinking Water".


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 Technical Description

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