Technical Description

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Technical Description

Plate heat exchangers of Buran Boiler LLP with Z series is modern equipment that suits various heating systems and can be used for tasks in heating or cooling water and air. The construction of heat exchangers is made for long-term usage and applies all the international standards of quality.


The design of plate heat exchangers Cronos mark consists the set of corrugated plates made of stainless corrosion-resistant steel. Two canals for liquids are involved in the process of the heat exchange.

The package of plates is located between supporting and pressing boards and fixed with bolts. Every plate has a gasket made of thermal-resistant ruber (EPDM up to 150 °С), that sealing the connection and directing the various liquid flows into the appropriate channels.

The corrugated surface of the plates provides a high degree of flow turbulence and rigidity of the heat exchanger.


The most commonly used plate materials are AISI 316 and AISI 304 stainless steel. Sealing gaskets are made from a variety of elastomers. The most commonly used is EPDM (ethylene-propylene polymer-based rubber).


The fluids involved in the process of heat transfer through the nozzles enter the heat exchanger.

Gaskets are installed in a special way to provide the distribution of fluids in the appropriate channels, eliminating the possibility of mixing flows.

The type of plates and the configuration for the channels are selected based on the specified technical requirements ensuring optimal conditions for the heat exchange process.


By special request, Buran Boiler LLP produces heat exchangers with a maximum operating temperature of up to 150 °C and a permissible operating pressure of up to 16 bar.


The company produces a wide range of traditional plate-type heat exchangers with gaskets between the plates.

In conventional plate heat exchangers of the Buran Boiler LLP we use plates equipped with gaskets that allow the flow of liquid through certain channels and isolate them. This type of plate heat exchanger is used in various industries as standard equipment for efficient heating and cooling of liquids, heat recovery, condensation and evaporation.

 General Features:

  • High thermal efficiency for optimum heat transfer.
  • Compact design requiring a small amount of material to make a heat exchange surface.
  • Low cost of installation. Easy disassembly.
  • Fast and easy cleaning.
  • High performance and low bypass volumes.
  • Flexible modular design.
  • Ecological safety.


The frame material is steel coated with water-based paint. The frame is made of steel of appropriate thickness, which is cut on an automatic plasma cutting machine with CNC.

The necessary data for the selection of the heat exchanger:

  • liquid consumption or heat load;
  • temperature graph;
  • working pressure;
  • admissible pressure drop;
  • pressure loss.
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