Construction line

Опубликовано: 2018-07-27 Дополнено: 2019-04-04
Construction line

A fully equipped fleet of equipment and technology with sufficient production capacity, 18 years of successful experience in the design, production and installation of heating systems allows us to carry out installation supervision, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of CRONOS equipment with the help of service department specialists and commissioning as soon as possible. Buran Boiler ”or regional partners.


The company has at its disposal 5,200 m2 of production space.

Applied equipment and technologies: 

  • plasma cutting of CNC metal;
  • rolling metal on CNC machines;
  • band-cutting machine;
  • semi-automatic welding in shielding gas;
  • orbital automatic welding;
  • automatic longitudinal welding;
  • bending metal operations on CNC machines;
  • semi-automatic welding in inert gas.
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