Technical Description and Package

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Technical Description and Package

Each boiler is manufactured using modern technology and in accordance with international standards.


NAMERated power of the Boiler Room, kWBoiler Models involvedSizesMass of Boiler Room, tonTemperature of heat carrier Т1/Т2  СMaximal pressure of heat carrier, MpaFuel typeRated fuel consumption, Nm/h, l/h
BMK-Т350-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF350ВВ-1535  2 boilers6,02,42,66,080/600,35gas,13,2
liquid fuel10,3
BMK-Т470-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF470ВВ-2035 2 boilers6,02,42,66,080/600,5gas,83,6
liquid fuel59,9
BMK-Т600-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF600ВВ-3060 2 boilers8,02,42,610,095/700,5gas,83,6
liquid fuel79,9
BMK-Т700-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF700ВВ- 3560  2 boilers8,02,42,610,095/700,5gas,119,4
liquid fuel102,2
BMK-Т800-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF800ВВ-4060 2 boilers8,02,42,610,095/700,5gas,119,4
liquid fuel102,2
BMK-Т1000-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF1000ВВ-500 2 boilers10,02,43,212,095/700,5gas,167,2
liquid fuel130,7
BMK-Т1240-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF1240ВВ-620 2 boilersON REQUEST95/700,5gas,232,2
liquid fuel174,3
BMK-Т1500-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF1500ВВ-750 2 boilersON REQUEST95/700,5gas,232,2
liquid fuel174,3
BMK-Т1700-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF1700ВВ-850 2 boilersON REQUEST95/700,5gas,287,5
liquid fuel162,4
BMK-Т1900-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF1900ВВ-950 2 boilersON REQUEST95/700,5gas,287,5
liquid fuel261,4
BMK-Т2000-2К -2Т-Р-G/LF2000ВВ-1000 2 boilersON REQUEST95/700,5gas,371,1
liquid fuel261,4




  • The installation of 2 hot-water boilers manufactured by Buran Boiler LLP with 50% of the nominal power of MBR allows for the continious supply of heat in case of service or repair work on one of the boilers.
  • Possibility of operation of water heating boilers installed in the boiler room on two types of fuel without replacing the burner devices (need to be specified when ordering)
  • To increase the reliability of the boiler, the circulation and feed pumps have a 100% reserve (with the exception of the recirculation pumps of the boilers and the secondary circuit of the Hot Water Supply system)
  • Additional equipment for chemical treatment the water:
  • Automatic single-stage sodium-cation-exchanger plants complete with a storage capacity of chemical treated water for MBR with a capacity of over 400 kW
  • In the MBR, working on liquid fuel, an integrated fuel supply system is installed, consisting of: self-priming fuel pumps (working + reserve) and intermediate fuel capacity
  • In the MBR, working on gas, an integrated gas supply system is installed, consisting of: a gas collector with connecting gas lines and a shut-off solenoid valve on the supply gas line, complete with a gas contamination indicator




Typical MBR with manual regulation has:


  • Transfer swith for boiler power unit
  • Sensors and light-signal equipment
  • Electricity metering device
  • Short-circuit protection of cable lines
  • Separate main, emergency and repair lighting of the MBR room
  • Equipotential bonding and equipment grounding system
  • Automatic maintenance of the pressure value of the coolant in the heating system

Typical MBR with automatic regulation additionally has:


  • Automatic weather-dependent regulation of the temperature of the coolant, through the installation of a controller with the function of regulating the three-way valve
  • Transfer switch of pumping equipment
  • Automatic control of make-up and fuel pumps, directly dependent on the level of fuel in tanks
  • Alarms when deviations from normal operating parameters and equipment malfunction
  • Control of pumping equipment in automatic mode by self-starting when changing monitored parameters


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