Modular Boiler Rooms

Modular Boiler Rooms

Buran Boiler LLP is one of the first companies to design and construct own modular boiler rooms with international high quality ISO standards.

Main Features:

  • Full support by specialists during the design, delivery and installation
  • Small size, no need for construction work;
  • Design and personalization (custom automation)
  • The possibility of working on objects with a short period of operation with the additional possibility of further transfer to a new installation area;
  • The possibility of transportation by any mode of transport, including railway;
  • Minimum terms of production, connection and commissioning;
  • Ease of maintenance and operation;
  • Modern technological design and high level of engineering solutions;
  • Energy saving functions in boiler room design;
  • Each MBR has its own passport.
  • Modular boiler room's boilers can operate on liquid fuel, gas, solid fuel (coal), and combine these fuel types if necessarythe for customer. The use of modern technology allows you to personalize each boiler room under any conditions and budget.


Buran Boiler LLP with more than 12 years of experience in the manufacture, supply and launch of modular boiler rooms. Our company is one of the first manufacturers of MBR in Kazakhstan. Production of MBR is one of the priority specializations the company.

We significantly reduce the cost and timing of the design and construction of boiler rooms at the Customer’s facility. The customer receives an energy efficient boiler room with factory quality assembly and installation. A modular boiler room always has the possibility of its rapid transfer to another area.

MBRs are manufactured at the factory of Buran Boiler LLP according to the standard ST 70755-1910-LLP-02-2013 registered in the standardization bodies and agreed in the state supervision and industrial safety bodies.



 Design and Construction

Description of the design of MBR. Basic elements and installation process.

 Technical Description and Package

Each boiler is manufactured using modern technology and in accordance with international standards.
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