Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment includes water heaters and burners.

Additional equipments provides supplementary functions to the heating system and helps mantain required conditions. Installation of water filtering equipment will increase exploitation period of heating system and its elements. Burners can be changed according to the fuel used by boiler. Water heaters provide constant supply of hot water in the system.

 DAB Pumping Stations

Various pumping stations for wide array of purposes. Long-term usage with high efficiency standards.

 DAB Pumps

Pumps of the DAB Pumps company made in Italy with wide range of usage and high changeability.


In our section of products of the Industrial line you will find a wide range of industrial valves and their accessories, sanitary line valves, automated valves and control valves, stainless steel fittings, different elements for industrial instrumentation and all spare parts for valves sphere.

 Water Heaters

The supply with hot water is very important for modern household. Right choice of equipment will last its exploitation period and help to avoid unnecessary payments for a repair.


Buran Boiler LLP cooperates with Ecoflam and Sookook companies and provides all sort of burners. Boiler combination with burners allows easily transform it from one type of fuel to another. Our boilers use burners made in Italy and South Korea, each burner is selected individually according to the requirements of the system and has its own passport
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