DAB Pumps

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DAB Pumps

Pumps of the DAB Pumps company made in Italy with wide range of usage and high changeability.

Electric pumps for circulation systems with regulating speed


Pumps for systems of hot and cold water supply. The engine with air cooling is combined with MCE/C inventor attached to the roof of the pump engine. There are several versions of pumps: "In-line" pumps, standartized monoblock pumps, standartised pumps on general frame. 

Wide working range with help of MCE/C inventor usage. These pumps are able to change productivity with continious pressure supply.

Usage areas:

  • Industrial and household heating systems
  • Industrial and household cooling systems
  • Industrial and household air conditioning systems
  • Industrial pumping stations
  • Mounted on the engine fan cover


  • Hydralic effectivity with high productivity
  • Versatility due to high material quality
  • Reliability. Made specially for difficult condition long-term usage
  • Swift start: this function prevents a hydralic strike, protecting both the pump and the system.
  • Lowering the noise level in the system
  • Lowering the energy consumption and increasing the service term of pumps

Vertical multistage pumps NKV 10-95


Vertical multistage electrical pumps of new generation with pipes of in-line series:

  • Due to usage of the modern technology for stainless steel processing in development of hydralic elements it is now possible to get higher level of productivity
  • In addition, the pumps became highly versatile with help of distance between axis, which improves interchangeability.

DAB's NKV 32, 45, 65, 95 pumps are multi-impeller vertical centrifugal pumps with coupling; designed for pressurization in civil and commercial environments, they can also be used in agriculture and in watering systems.

The pumps can also be used for the recirculation of water in heating and air conditioning systems. Pump body and upper flange in cataphoretic paint coated cast iron; impellers, diffusers and pump liner made of AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 stainless steel available on request - X version). Centre distance between the 2 in-line ports designed to maximize interchangeability. Starting from 5.5 kW models, the mechanical seal can be removed without removing the motor. Mechanical seals for aggressive liquids and different connections (round, oval, Victaulic, clamp flanges). WRAS and ACS certified IE3 electric motors.



Standartised pumps


Standardised centrifugal single-stage pumps, designed for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Water supply. Hot water circulation for the heating system. Circulation of cold water for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  • Transfer of liquids in agricultural, horticultural, and industrial environments. Installation of pumping assemblies.

They can be coupled, using an elastic joint (standard or spacer), to a 2-pole or 4-pole electric motor, and installed on a formed metal sheet base in accordance with UNI EN 23661..


Drainage and submersive pumps


Stainless steel submersible pump with microcast steel impeller, suitable for draining waste water, sandy water, muddy water with solid matter of up to 10 mm without fibres.


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