Universal solution for heating of your enterprise

Опубликовано: 2019-04-30 Дополнено: 2019-04-30
Universal solution for heating of your enterprise

Employee motivation is an important aspect of modern business. Creating a friendly atmosphere that increases productivity is provided by several factors, but they all relate directly to the situation within the organization. The primary task is to provide heat in the cold season. The optimal temperature is important for the health of employees, as well as the safety of various values ​​and assets of the enterprise. It is important to take into account the heated area, weather conditions in the region and the building structure. Not all manufacturers can provide a wide range of model range to select directly suitable boiler model, and with a large load they will try to convince you to buy two or three low-power boilers, increasing your costs.

What is necessary to ensure a warm and comfortable environment without the risk of power loss?

We present to your attention the expansion of a number of vertical boilers from the company Buran Boiler - models BB-3035 and BB-4035. Including the advantages of the already classic boilers of this series, these models are a more powerful and improved version of products that meet the high international standard ISO. Thanks to the modern control system, the boiler easily transfers the change of liquid fuel to gaseous and vice versa, which makes it a unique heating device. The adaptability of the burner also makes it possible to change the latter without degrading performance.

Automated double-circuit vertical heating boilers are able to heat entire enterprises with high efficiency (efficiency), without wasting unnecessary resources and time. The configuration of the fuses and sensors helps to monitor faults and display them directly on the remote control of the boiler. Automatic self-diagnosis system protects the boiler from overheating and defrosting.

Tracing the temperature of the air in the room optimizes self-on and off the boiler to save fuel. And the timer provides the ability to manually adjust the duration of the boiler.

Vertical boilers Boran Boiler are domestic heating equipment, guaranteeing optimality, versatility, safety and high efficiency, collected in aesthetic modern design. A great option for heating schools, hospitals, cottages, apartment buildings and other buildings with an intuitive control system that is available to any user.

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