Regular Heating Boilers

Regular Heating Boilers

Efficiency, adaptivity and safety combined with long lifetime make our boilers one of the best long-term investments.

HEATING AREA: 180 m2 - 470 m2



  • Separate contours of hot water and heating.
  • The safe isolated combustion chamber.
  • The heat exchanger of the hot water circuit is made of stainless steel.
  • Remote control of the boiler.
  • Indication of the type of malfunction on the local boiler control panel.
  • Automatic monitoring of the indoor temperature
  • Automatic on / off burning and circulation according to the given mode.
  • Timer for heating function.
  • Fuel savings of up to 30% (compared to non-volatile boilers) due to the use of automation and the use of special methods of burning fuel.
  • Safety of operation due to flame and low water level detectors.
  • Protection against overheating and defrosting.
  • Self-locking fuel valve.
  • Forced air supply to an isolated combustion chamber (pressurization).
  • Gas and liquid fuel based low power level boilers are manufactured according to ST 70755-1910-LLP-01-2013 and have a Certificate of Conformity of the Customs Union.


Automated double-circuit heating boilers are manufactured by the company “Buran Boiler LLP” in a vertical version based on advanced technologies of modern heating equipment. In the production of boilers, automatic burners with ability to operate under pressure are used, improted from South Korea and Italy.

The efficiency of boilers is over 90%. The durability of the components and equipment of floor based boilers is several times higher than that of wall hung counterparts.


 Technical Description and Package

Technical characteristics according of gas and liquid fuel based boilers with low power level. Package description of elements included.

 Connection Recommendation and Geometrical Parameters

Recommendation on how to connect floor based gas and liquid fuel working low powered boiler. All the necessary sizes and parameters for design purposes are included.
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