Vertical Heating Boilers

Vertical Heating Boilers

• temperature of heat carrier = 85°С (95°С – with order) • 58 kW - 465 kW • low resistance in water circuit • over 91% efficiency

Vertical heating boilers are produced according to ST 70755-1910-TOO-01-2013 and has sertificates of Customs Union.

Automated floor-standing heating boilers with hot water supply are manufactured by Buran Boiler LLP in a vertical version based on advanced technologies for heating equipment. In production of boilers we combine it with automatic burners made in Italy and South Korea.

The efficiency of boilers is over 90%. The installment area for vertical model is less than for horizontal.

CRONOS boilers are designated for heating and hot watter supply for all kind of buildings:cottages, schools, hospitals, appartments, restraunts, objects of industry and manufacture, etc. Middle powered boilers are comfortable, economical and user-friedndly combined with high safety and efficiency.

 Boiler Recommended Connection Diagram

Consultation with engineering specialist is recommended for addtional specifications according to the building / construction type.

 Technical Description

All the nessecary parameters of vertical heating boilers can be found in tables or passport
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