Coal Fired Vertical Boilers

Coal Fired Vertical Boilers

Buran Boiler LLP is designing vertical boilers working with solid fuel (coal). No electricity required to mantain the work of the boiler, constant temperature level and long-term usage. User-friednly construction with comfortable cleaning opportunity. The product is supplied with all the necessary documentation.

HEATING AREA: 1200 m2 - 4000 m2

Steel is cut by a plasma machine, and assembly iss carried out using automated electric welding in protective gas environment.

Due to the large volume of water, CRONOS boilers have a low resistance in the water circuit. To increase thermal isolation of the boiler the factory uses innovative non-asbestos materials.

Solid propellant coppers of the CRONOS series combine high reliability and durability.

The boilers are regularly equipped with a thermometer and optimized for local stone and brown types of coal of various fractions. They have a wide range of additional options. Completely independent of electricity.

In CRONOS boilers it is possible to use alternative types of fuel. The boiler itself can be operated as a backup boiler in combination with a gas or diesel boiler.



  • No electricity is required to operate the boiler
  • The boiler grates are made of cast iron, which significantly increases the service life.
  • The mechanism of raising the lid, facilitating the cleaning of the boiler.
  • Convenient maintenance and care.
  • Complete set manometer and other equipment according to the wishes of the customer.
  • Ability to complete the boiler insulation.
  • Proven over the years of construction.

 Technical Description

The heating boilers working on solid fuel (coal) are manufactured by Buran Boiler LLP in vertical design. The boilers have high efficiency, great thermal isolation and are sertified according to the high international standards ISO.
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