Industrial Heating Boilers

Industrial Heating Boilers

Special construction technology combined with modern technology

High powered boilers produced by Buran Boiler LLP is used for heating and hot water supply of buildings and structures with an area of more than 3000 m2. The upper limit of the area of buildings is unlimited, since it is possible to install several independent modular boiler rooms (MBR), each with a capacity of up to 50 MW (400-450 thousand m2).

Special technology of construction and assembly for high powered boilers provides customers with additional hidden benefits, which are expressed in the long-term performance, reliability, energy efficiency of CRONOS mark boiler equipment.


Technical Description

  • The body of the boiler is constructed of the corresponding steel, according to the requirements of GOST 30735-2001, which is cut by a plasma machine, and then assembled using automated electric welding in gas protected environment;
  • The front tube plate is completely rolled towards the furnace and welded with it by through weld (T-shaped welded joints are absent) and provides aerodynamics for exhaust gases, which eliminates high temperature concentration and allows to absorb expansion during heating;
  • The back wall of the furnace (without T-shaped welds) is immersed in water (“wet back wall” design), which ensures efficient cooling of the back wall;
  • For higher static resistance between the back wall of the firebox and the rear tube plate, the support tube is welded;
  • Stamped recess in the rear tube plate allows you to absorb the expansion of the furnace (starting with the model CRONOS - ВВ-750);
  • Seamless flame tubes are used with spiral turbulators inserted inward, which significantly increase heat transfer;
  • The flame tubes are assembled from the front tube plate so that they are minimally protruding above it, which makes it possible to avoid the concentration of temperature in this place;
  • Internal circulation is improved by a guide that returns cold streams to the front plate, lowering its temperature and, as a result, avoids condensation in the rear section of the flame tubes;
  • The front door is insulated from the inside with ceramic and chamo-concrete fiber and planted on two hinges with reversible opening;
  • The rear smoke box is bolted to the rear tube plate, equipped with a chimney connection unit and a cleaning cover;
  • The heating surfaces are thermally insulated by high density heat insulation on a flexible basis.



The boiler is designed with use of special technique based of example of ICI Caldaie.

 Boiler Equipment

The equipment and the package of the high powered boiler
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