Technical Description

Опубликовано: 2018-07-27 Дополнено: 2019-04-17
Technical Description

Wall hung boilers of low power WB series – double circuit gas boilers with hot water supply. Economical. Protected from defrosting. Have a long service life. Certified according to ISO 9001 Standards and Certificates of Conformity. The passport includes instructions for installing, setting up and operating the boiler.

Technical description:

  • Power adjustment is smooth and automatic (which provides additional gas savings)
  • Hot water supply priority
  • Separate heat exchangers (high-speed heating for hot water supply)
  • "WINTER-SUMMER" working mode
  • The combustion chamber is closed (FF-Type) with “TURBO” air supply (forced) which helps avoiding ingress of carbon monoxide into the room.
  • The automatic boiler has 12 levels of protection (automatic restart as soon as external influence is ended).
  • The LCD display shows all the necessary parameters of the boiler
  • The microcomputer allows turning boiler in “Clever House” system
  • Specially designed sensors register startup moments and stability of gas and / or water pressure including protection of heat-exchangers against overheating.
  • Automatic wall hung gas boilers WB series made by Buran Boiler LLP are easy to install and maintain, also can include a coaxial chimney
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